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Alternate Tobacco/Marijuana?

Big Lou's Little Sister Mary Jane Is Just Like You...She Has a Few Medicinal Needs Too!

Do you vape? Use E-cigarettes? Cigars? Chew? Recreational or Medical Marijuana?  For many insurance companies, the use of any of the above would at best get you a Tobacco or Smoker rate for Life Insurance. This rate could be 2-3 times the cost of a Non Tobacco rate.  Marijuana use could easily get you declined with no options at all.  A few insurance companies have moderated their position on alternate tobacco and marijuana use.  In many cases, Big Lou can get you qualified for Non Tobacco rates even if you Vape, smoke E-Cigarettes, Cigar, or use Chewing Tobacco.  Marijuana use, with some restrictions, can also qualify for Non Tobacco rates.  The only way to know which insurance company is the best for you is to talk to Big Lou or his little sister, Mary Jane.  They are both intimately familiar with the use of these products and with access to over 40 of the Best Life Insurance Companies, can help navigate you to the lowest rate possible.

If you have applied in the last few years and are paying Tobacco Use rates for any of the above you really need to give Big Lou a shot at saving you some big money. If you need to lose weight or have issues with Diabetes, our nutrition app and weight loss plan can get you Big Lou Fit as well. 

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TermProvider | The Home of Big Lou is a Life Insurance Brokerage Offering The Best Rates From The Top Insurance Companies In the Country.  Over 25 Years We Have Helped Ten's of Thousands Of People Save Time and Money On Their Life Insurance.  With That Experience, We Have Noticed That Many Of Our Clients Have Weight Issues and Other Health Glitches Common To Those That Are Overweight. Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, and Heart Disease are Just a Few.  If We Can Help Educate our Clients about The Life Insurance Process and The Health Issues that Affect their Premiums, Not Only Will Their Health Improve, But Their Life Insurance Premiums Will Go Down.  

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