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For Over 30 Years, 100,000 People Have Trusted Us With Their Life Insurance.  No Cost. No Obligation To Start.

Why Final Expense Insurance?

Many people aged 50-80 have health conditions that prevent them from obtaining traditional life insurance. With guaranteed issue life insurance, you can qualify for coverage up to $25,000 without being turned down for health impairments. If you can pay the premium, you can buy coverage.  The insurance is whole life coverage and stays with you forever at one level monthly price, but it is limited to $25,000 in coverage. The coverage is graded coverage meaning that if you pass away in the first two years your beneficiary would only receive the premiums paid back plus a nominal interest rate. After two years the full death benefit is paid out. You can start your quote below, see prices, and even apply online without needing an agent.  Start Below.

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