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Who is "Big Lou"?
The concept of Big Lou dates back over 20 years. TermProvider was founded by Gary Paulzak. Gary was introduced to the life insurance business by one of his lifelong friends, Louis Lamana. Lou and Gary started as captive agents and eventually both made their way into the independent agent market.
A year or two ago a few of us were giving Big Lou a hard time and the phrase " Big Lou, he is on meds too," was coined as a joke, Lou loved it, this is what started the Big Lou advertisement.
We do acknowledge that our commercials may not appeal to everyone. That being said, we strive to create commercials that ring true to people who need our services. We realize that life is inherently off-color. We want to help people who are like ourselves. TermProvider's staff is full of intelligent agents that have faced adversity.

Health conditions, medications, divorce, weight issues; this office has a staff that has personally experienced the issues most of you have in life. We are proud to use our experiences, in both life and in the life insurance market, to help us guide you in the best decision for the best price.
So, if you decide to call in, you may actually reach Big Lou. You may also reach a handful of other, equally capable, agents that are eager to hear about your life and health so that we may present to you a solution for your needs.
We look forward to being your agent for life!